Asshole of the week

You know how nobody likes the asshat who ninjas a node from under you as you’re fighting mobs right on top of it?

Well, I had something a little more interesting than that happen to me yesterday.

I was in Kun-Lai Summit on my level 87 paladin, Thudnblunder. I’ve been leveling super fast and not really doing anything about gear, plus I don’t really know how to play ret. Fighting 3 mobs a level higher than me in my crappy gear is about the limit of my ability without popping big cooldowns. Anyway, so I was questing in the area west of One-Keg. I was standing ON a node, fighting 3 mobs. And it was close. And this asshole level 90 DK Unholysong descends on his flying mount and tries to ninja the node from under me. For some reason, he ended up tagging a mob which interrupted his mining.

So this asshole then goes around the area, face pulling a bunch more mobs and proceeds to stand on top of me. I don’t know paladining very well, I probably had some stupid seal up that does AOE damage. Anyway, next thing I know, there are a WHOLE bunch of mobs on me and I die. He fucks off to the side. And then once the mobs disperse, goes and mines the node.

All I whispered to him (her?) was “Seriously?”

A minute later I get a tell saying “get to level 90 and you’ll understand”

I replied saying “I do have a level 90 but didn’t magically turn into an asshole at 90″ but by then he had ignored me. I guess he was used to getting flamed so he¬†preemptively¬†ignored me.

I fumed to my guildies, one of them suggested forming a flying posse to follow him around and /point and /lol at him for a while. But I asked them to just drop it. Another asked if they could kill him, guess they didn’t understand he was horde too. A while later I calmed down too and was laughing with the others about how it was a special level of douchebaggery to not only ninja the node, but to kite over a bunch of mobs to get me killed first. :D

Anyway, I rarely rant about specific people, but found this character deserving a special mention!

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  1. Navimie says:

    That is one douchebag king. I’m so outraged but I shouldn’t be polluting your blog with my potty mouth language so I will logoff now and know that I support you in your rage against douchebags!

    • Thunderspank says:

      I was incensed then but now I am thinking back and laughing at it. Potty mouth language is fine, anyone crazy enough to read my ramblings can certainly cope with raging comments!

  2. Really? Really? I’m 90 and I don’t understand, who are these people irl? Like Navi I have to go or I will be spewing foul language. I don’t know how you managed that post without doing it, you’re a bigger man than me. Well yeah I’m not a guy but you know what I mean!

  3. arvash29 says:

    It’s seems to me like that node was the last node ever to spawn in Pandaria until the next patch for that DK to go to extremes just to steal it from you. What an idiot.

    • Thunderspank says:

      Yes, nodes are so plentiful that as a 90, it is just easier to fly to another dot on your minimap than to go through all this hassle of orchestrating a lowbie death.

  4. Erinys says:

    This expansion has really brought out the jerks :(

    Had someone try and do something similar to me only I managed to heal my way through it and in return my husband picked up 20 mobs, sprinted through the guy’s aoe and vanished. Naturally the now dead guy didn’t see the funny side at all and bitched at me for not healing him.

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