The Mag’har

Finally got exalted with the Mag’har.

Exalted with the Mag'har, finally.

Exalted with the Mag’har, finally.

I like the Talbuk mounts and the 2H axe for rep from them is nice for xmog too.

The grind did not take as long as I thought it would, it took me the weekend and I guess about 6 – 7 hours of playtime. I did start a quarter of the way past friendly though.

The best farming spot for me were the valley and cave at 40,33 in Nagrand. Lots of Ogres that respawn fast, drop Obsidium Warbeads and Oshu’gun Crystal Powder Samples and easy enough to get a smooth harvesting circuit going there. You get 11 rep for each Ogre you kill (level 25 guild perk bumps it up from 10) and you can turn in warbeads in groups of ten for 550 rep (500 base, 10% guild perk) via a repeatable quest given by Warden Bullrok.

Doing the Mag’har quests that reward rep helped too. There is another repeatable quest for killing enemy players in Halaa that gives 770 rep if Halaa is busy on your realm/CRZ group.

The crystal powder can be turned in at Halaa for Halaa Research Tokens which are needed to buy the PvP Talbuks. Along with the Halaa Research Tokens, you also need Halaa Battle Tokens which you get from honorable kills in Halaa. There are two mounts, the Dark Riding Talbuk which costs 70 battle tokens and 15 research tokens and the Dark War Talbuk that costs 100 battle and 20 research tokens.

I collected the battle tokens by taking control of Halaa and keeping an eye on on LocalDefense (channel 3 – do “/join 3″). When Halaa came under attack, I’d fly over to see who it was. If it was a level 88 – 90, I’d fight them, a kill getting me a battle token. Well, once I flew over and I saw this lvl 90 Alliance priest attacking level 65 and 85 horde. I immediately dispatched him. Several times. Each time I let him heal up and then killed him. He kept coming back and I must have killed him some seven or eight times. Mind you, this is a PvP zone on a PvE realm – he was intentionally flagging himself. I was not griefing him.

I had to go AFK a bit and came back to these gems in my chat log.



I didn’t reply but instead started being more proactive about hunting him down. :D

We had some more combat in Halaa today. Halaa was under Alliance control (completely unacceptable) but there were 8/15 guards up, which meant some horde were attacking. I went over to see if I could get some tokens.

A PvP flagged level 90 ele shaman was patrolling the station and was quickly disposed off. He then brought a friend, a level 90 priest.  There was another Horde warrior (90) in Halaa who I invited to a group. The two ranged were no match for us on the ground (I think the priest was very undergeared) so they went and perched atop the flagpole hoping to rain death and destruction upon us. Regrettably I didn’t get a screenshot of them on the pole, but we managed to kill them both more than 10 times each. They only got us once when the Shaman managed to knock us over a cliff which was pretty funny. :D

Live on the pole, die on the pole!

Live on the pole, die on the pole!

The shaman would thunderpunt us off if we tried to get up there and other than that we didn’t have a way to get them down.

Or did we?

A quick talent switch into Dragon Roar later, it was impossible for them to stay on the pole. The other warrior had the Hardened Shell (I must farm this contraption, most handy) too which also helped us get them in melee range. So basically he’d fly up there, land with them and Dragon Roar, they’d get knocked off, I’d heroic leap on to them and CRASH BOOM BASH, it was over.

They were REALLY persistent though, so after a while, we just left… if someone dies 10 times and keeps coming back for more, I figure they earned it.  So we left Halaa and let them cap, everyone should get some fun.

No need to be greedy. :)

Also, you win some, you lose some. The other day, two horde were attacking Telaar and I joined them. We got OWNED by a balance druid and DK defending the place (all 90s). Repeatedly.

It was fun, world PvP without ganking can be great.

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  1. Navimie says:

    That foul mouthed priest deserved what they got!
    Grats on exalted though!

  2. theerivs says:

    Ahh good ole Halaa, haven’t been there in a long while

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