Ulduar 25 Meta complete!

Last week, Arvash mentioned that he got his Ulduar 25 meta in Serrafina’s raid through openraid.us and I too decided to give it a shot.

I went as a tank and it went extremely well. We had 20+ 85s (no one below 85) and Serrafina ran a tight smooth ship. She even managed to get the last two fragments of Valanyr she needed, so grats to her!

As for me… I got the mount I had pretty much given up on ever getting. The Ironbound Proto-Drake!

I love the colors on this mount – the rest of the game pales in comparison!

There was a bit of a hiccup on Iron Dwarf Medium Rare. The blasted guardians kept dying, turned out I was the one to blame. :/

Unbeknownst to me, in Patch 5.0.4, Deep Wounds applies from Devastate, Raging Blow as well as Thunder Clap. I’d been thinking it was only on Thunderclap and my tab-devastate-tab-devastate aggro management routine was killing the dwarves. A wonderful helpful warrior in the raid whispered me to ask me if I knew about the change to Deep Wounds. It explained why I was doing so much damage to the mobs. Thank you Roshengar, for the help and the extremely unobtrusive way you provided it in!

It kinda sucks as a warrior for holding threat without applying a dot now (though the circumstances in which you need to do this are admittedly rare) – I could only use shield slam and heroic strike. The latter costs rage I didn’t have much of. I couldn’t use devastate because of the dot, and I couldn’t use revenge because of the cleave damage and I couldn’t use thunder clap. So while I could keep aggro, by taunting and using Shield Slam on CD I felt extremely restricted.

Serrafina had the raid scheduled for 2 hours, if not for the trouble with Iron-Drarf Medium Rare (Razorscale berserked once, we got it the second time), we’d have been done in an hour and a half. We still got it done in exactly two hours. Two hours is hard to beat for getting all the achievements needed for the Ulduar 25 man meta.

Seriously guys, if you want to run in a raid on openraid.us that has an extremely knowledgeable raid lead, go to her raids.

Thanks for telling me about her raids Arvash!

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  1. Arvash says:

    Grats on your achievements and on the mount! It’s good to hear that Serra got more people to complete their metas! =)

  2. Navimie says:

    Grats Thunder! I tried to go to an open raid but no luck :P I’m not leet enough!

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  4. Cymre says:

    Congrats on finishing your achievements and the mount.

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